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13 / Entering Fullness


I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord; “plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”



C.S. Lewis’s 50th – a fireside view – Part 2

December 4, 2013

Alright, friends!

Get your coffee, hot chocolate, chai, or sparkling water – whatever you want to imbibe.

Settle in now while I show you these next images from the day of the Symposium.

Ready for Part 2?

Here we go!

London – Day 3 –

The C.S. Lewis Symposium

It was a chilly and blustery day as is typical for London this time of year

but we were blessed with some sunshine to counter the cold wind.

No one in the queue to get in to St Margaret’s complained about the cold

and we saw lots of good-natured talking among those waiting for the doors to open.

First queue for the CSL Symposium - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

Much to my delight, one of the first people I recognised in the queue is my beautiful friend,

Sarah Clarkson.

Sarah Clarkson - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

Sarah is  a wonderful writer who lives here in Colorado like me and,

as God would have it, Sarah also happens to be friends with another beloved friend and writer of ours,

Lanier Ivester

I continually marvel at “the staff work of the Omnipotence”,

and at His great kindness in giving us fellowship with kindred kind nearby so we don’t grow too lonely.

Sarah was accompanied by her mom, Sally and her brother, Joel.

It made for a lovely setting to do a quick family portrait, even if it is less than half their family!

Clarkson family in the Symposium queue

Clarkson family in the Symposium queue - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

Off to the corner of St. Margaret’s there is a beautiful hydrangea shrub,

which during late summer must be quite lovely,

yet even as it prepares to enter its winter nap,

the dried blooms still hold their marvelous architectural form

as a reminder of their summer glory.

Dried Hydrangea – London

Dried Hydrangea outside St Margarets - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

Then much to my absolute surprise and delight, who should I see in the blustery queue?

The ever wonderful Dr. Jerry Root!

Jerry is one of the most marvelous men it has ever been my pleasure to meet

and it was a great joy to have him there in the midst of this event with all of us.

There is a strong goodness attendant with Jerry Root and, like all goodness and holiness,

it influences and grounds everyone else around it.

I personally felt the strong, deep kindness of the Lord’s presence and something very much

akin to spiritual security just knowing that Jerry Root was in our company there.

Dr Jerry Root - London - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

And then, not surprisingly, friend Andrew Lazo pops into view and the queue, now stretching out long,

becomes a merry party of friends greeting each other!

Jerry Root and Andrew Lazo – London

Jerry Root and Andrew Lazo - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

It seemed like just seconds and we were joined by another friend,

Jason Lepojärvi, Researcher at the University of Helsinki

and former president of  the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society.

Andrew Lazo and Jason Lepojärvi – London

Andrew Lazo and Jason Lepojärvi - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

Just then I happened to glance up through the trees and caught this view

of the Union Jack flying in the wind over Sanctuary Road.

How very fitting for the occasion!

Union Jack Flying over Sanctuary Road – London

Union-Jack-flying-over-Sanctuary-Rd- Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

The doors to St Margaret’s were opened at last and the chilly queue poured orderly but quickly

into the warm and welcoming environment of the church.

The walls of St Margaret’s are blessed to host very beautiful stained glass windows

and the very old and beautiful stone of England which I love so dearly.

The lights were warmly golden and everyone seemed very excited about being there

and seeing others that they knew among the several hundred of us present!

Westminster Abbey has restrictions about photography in both the Abbey itself and St. Margaret’s,

so much to my enduring disappointment,

I cannot offer any images inside St Margaret’s of the Symposium gathering.

I can, however, offer you links to the audio recordings of both the superb presentations by

 Dr Alister McGrath and Dr Malcolm Guite

speaking respectively on Lewis through the framework of Reason and Imagination

and to the Panel discussion that followed later.

If you want to listen to the recordings, click on the bolded titles of their talks.

In truth, I believe listening to these recordings will serve you far better than the images I could have created.

Alister-McGrath -2013 - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

Telling the Truth through Rational Argument

Alister McGrath gave a very fine presentation and toward the end he smiled,

something he does not often do during  his lectures.

It was grace-filled and so delightful  it really was one of my favourite moments of that afternoon.

I believe, it reflected something of the warm sense of camaraderie that really filled that room.

This presentation was followed with a truly marvelous talk by Malcolm Guite speaking on

the imaginative elements of Lewis’s integration of intellectual and spiritual being.

Malcolm Guite - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

Telling the Truth through Imaginative Fiction

The recording of this is wonderful and really takes me right back to the experience.

Believe it or not, I can actually hear my husband Peter clapping!

By the time we left these two happy presentations dark had fallen on London

and attendees were invited Evensong services next door in the Abbey.

Front of St Margaret’s in late dusk – London

Front of St Margaret's - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

After Evensong we all returned to St Margaret’s

for the panel discussion chaired by Dr Michael Ward.

I cannot speak for everyone there – I know there are always mixed reviews –

but I loved this panel and thought it was one of most enjoyable panels I’ve ever listened to.

It was a lovely picture of intellectual diversity with various disciplines and backgrounds being represented.

I greatly enjoyed the beautiful range of voices and accents, filling me evermore with the sense of

how much the Lord delights in the uniqueness of His creations,

perhaps especially as demonstrated through language and words.

Here is a link to the splendid recording of the panel discussion.

This recording is truly worth listening to and unlike so many discussions set in this form,

the responses to the audience questions is just fabulous!

After all this, with hearts and minds overflowing with the afternoon’s offering

we left in various clusters and groups to find some dinner and fellowship.

On our own way and while we gathered up our immediate party

we met up with lovely Martha Linder, as elegant and beautiful as I have ever seen her.

Martha Linder – London

Martha Linder - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

As we sauntered off to dinner

I was gratified to be met with a series of street lamps,

something I love but seldom find where I live.

I made a number of images of lamps lit, including this one.

You can watch for e-cards from me using this one in the near future

and you’ll know the story behind the image!

Westminster Abbey Lamp Light 

Westminster Lamp Light - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

Though by now it was late in the day,

what followed next was one of my personally favourite experiences of the entire trip.

Our group of friends gathered together in clusters at the elegant restaurant

The Blue Boar right across the street from The Sanctuary House Hotel where many of us were staying.

For the next two hours we had the lovely time of lingering together and enjoying each other’s company over a meal.

The Company We Kept at The Blue Boar

Keeping-company-at-the-Blue-Boar - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

One of the quiet wonders of the event for me was watching my son-in-law Jay,

whom I have known since his boyhood,

talking with Diana Glyer and with Will Vaus over dinner.

I watched the pure marvel of God’s goodness

in bringing my family life into harmonious orbit with some of my dearest friends

and with my professional world in that two hour period.

Jay’s face was something no image can really capture but it lives vividly in my own mind’s eye.

I loved listening to him discuss questions with Diana and Will on one side of me,

and turn my head and see Peter discussing issues with Stan Mattson on the other side of me

and then laugh with delight talking with Jean Mattson in front of me.

Something in that time was simply, beautifully, blissfully magic.

Jay Mountjoy at The Blue Boar – London

Jay at the Blue Boar - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith -

Jay and Diana discussing Lewis – London

Jay and Diana at the Blue Boar - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith –

Josh and Will Vaus at The Blue Boar – London

Josh and Will Vaus at the Blue Boar - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith –

Golden Girls – Diana Glyer and Hannah Thomas 

Golden Girls Diana Glyer and Hannah Thomas - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith –

Hannah is a friend of Diana’s and joined as a companion on this journey.

She is one of my favourite gifts of the trip.

I did not know her before but my circle of friendship has been enriched by our meeting.

Hannah by candle light at the Blue Boar – London

Hannah by candle light at the Blue Boar - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith –

With full hearts and full bellies,

we wandered off to our respective shelters for the night

 carrying happy hopes for the coming day in Westminster Abbey.

London Lamplight

London Lamplight - Image copyright Lancia E. Smith –

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Lancia E. Smith


  1. Lanier Hollingsworh says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautifully inspiring photographs and thoughts from this special time. I truly enjoyed the visit through your eyes.

  2. Lancia E. Smith says:

    Lanier, thank you so very much. I am delighted that you are enjoying this series. You have one of my very favourite names – Lanier – and it is lovely to make your acquaintance! Hopefully our paths will cross frequently here, and on Pinterest! Blessings to you always.

  3. Patricia Conneen says:

    More amazing pictures. The one of Jerry Root so captures his spirit!
    Thanks, again for these, Lancia.

  4. Lancia E. Smith says:

    Thanks, Pat! I am so glad you are enjoying this series and that we can share this experience. Blessings.

  5. Sheila Longman says:

    Thank you for the atmospheric photos. I have just found myself in the queue. I met the same lady from Pakistan both days running. Although Muslim, she is about to complete her PhD on Lewis at Edinburgh University. What a lovely occasion this was!

  6. Lancia E. Smith says:

    Sheila, I am delighted that you could find yourself in the queue and am that you also found your way to my website! What a lovely and life-long memory this occasion was! Blessings.

  7. Sarah says:

    Lancia, what sheer delight to share that day with you. To meet you there on the steps was a perfect and lovely beginning to a time that left a great mark on my soul. Thank you for capturing the lovely moments throughout. I can’t wait to see the rest!

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  9. Dear Lancia,

    I came here from Sarah Clarkson’s site. Thank you so much for this beautiful glimpse into the symposium and commemoration service. I loved all the photos (especially the lamp post–how perfect is that?) and your links, too. Listening to the talks by Alister McGrath and Malcolm Guite was…amazing is really the only word for it. I listened to Dr. Guite’s twice in two nights! Thanks so much for sharing all this wonder here. It’s lovely to “meet” you 🙂

    Kimberlee Conway Ireton

  10. Lancia E. Smith says:

    Kimberlee, thanks for your kind comments. I’ve seen you on Sarah’s site and am honoured to have you pay a visit to mine! I look forward to crossing paths with you and pray that you have a most blessed Christmas season!

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  12. Jim Fraser says:

    Wonderful graphic, content and text and thanks so much for posting it ????????????????

  13. Jim, thank you so much! Welcome to Cultivating. Glad to have you here!

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