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One of the core elements that we work to develop in The Cultivating Project is centered in the concept of practice. We work to learn the habits of practice to become increasingly excellent in our crafts and we practice creating conditions that help our creativity to flourish. And yet deeper still we work to practice what it means to be a godly, thriving human being – rich in character and strong in faith. It is bound into our nature that we learn how to be human from other human beings, and this proves true especially with spiritual maturity and relational skills. The Scripture verse that points us to this so vividly is Philippians 4:9.

In PRACTICE, we present in every issue, interviews with mature, practicing Christians living out their faith infused into the whole of the way they live – craft, character, and community. Each of these individuals is worthy of study and modeling after. Our goal through The Cultivating Project is to present people to our readers and attendees who are good examples to model ourselves after. These people are do not have to be perfect, famous, financially successful to fit the criteria to be represented here. They do have to be faithful witnesses to what it means to live out our faith in daily ways and to represent what it means to be a cultivator – someone nurturing the best conditions for themselves and others in which to flourish and grow spiritually, creatively, and relationally.

We are honoured to present these worthy examples to you. We pray that as you read their stories and words, you will find ways to model after them and find yourself flourishing, too.

Practice what you have learned … and seen in me, and model your way of living on it.

“What we practice shapes who we become, and the voices we listen to shape what we will practice.”
~ Sally Clarkson


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