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Andrew Peterson is an artist you will be hearing lots about here at Cultivating for some time to come. To say he is a working musician, a song-writer, book author, creative visionary is all true, but it is just not enough. He is also a husband, a father, a brother, a friend, a mentor. He is the founder of the Rabbit Room in Nashville. What is the Rabbit Room? Their own description is best. “The Rabbit Room fosters Christ-centered community and spiritual formation through music, story, and art.” You can find more about them at

Andrew is, at the heart of it, a story-teller who follows hard after Christ. He tells true stories through every medium he can use. I know him to be kind, funny, brave, and generous. If you do not already know his work, you will want to. Andrew Peterson is an inspiration and a model to follow.

Andrew Peterson

Christa Wells is a name you may not yet be familiar with but I hope to change that! Her finely crafted music is saturated and rooted in real goodness, truth, and beauty. Christa sings with a voice that is at once raw and sublime and laced with a kind of defiant hope. She also speaks that way. Strong, kind, vulnerable, and gracious. She also has a smile that lights up a dark room. Listen to Christa Wells once and you will find a new place of refuge. Come get acquainted!

Behind: Velveteen
Down, Down, Low
Behind: Down, Down, Low
How the Emptiness Sings

Christa Wells

Max Mclean is the founder and artistic director of the Fellowship of Performing Arts, based in New York City. He is also an award-winning actor and the man behind the creation of Screwtape letters for stage, the play that has played to standing room only audiences across United States and in London.

Max is also the voice that narrates the Listener’s Bible which continues to be listened to by countless thousands.

Max McLean

Regina Mountjoy started out as fine art and portrait photographer early in her career. Then she entered the world of wedding photography and ran a wildly successful company for more than a decade. In the whirlwind of traveling to photograph destination weddings, gardens became a resting place for her and she became increasingly drawn to the quiet details. What was first a welcome respite from a busy career became a calling to a quieter and more peaceful path. 

The art work that has emerged from that path is breathtaking. This is portraiture reflecting lavish attention to details so small most of us miss them altogether. Regina gives her viewers an intimate view of some of God’s most exquisite creations – flowers. Explore her gallery and enjoy a new acquaintance with beauty and a unique beauty maker. 

Regina Mountjoy

Mary Miller started Magpie Madness Jewelry in 2009 and in spring 2013 formally launched her Etsy account. Specializing in handmade rustic jewelry with a Boho Chic flare, Mary works in silver, antiqued copper and brass, with freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and gemstones.

As a married mom of two, Mary has homeschooled her son and daughter using Classical Conversations, and included them in making Magpies. Mary has been able to apply her love of literature into naming some of the pieces and found a convergence of passions – beauty, art, words, and shiny things!

Mary Miller of Magpie Madness Jewelry

Brian and Kelli Rowley are the founders and owners of Growley Leather Co. where they design and build leather goods. Their desire is to love God and others through making quality products and building relationships. Growley Leather Co. is very much a family business, and Brian and Kelli's four daughters are often seen helping out in the upstairs workshop of their home in southern Alabama. There is never a lack of artistic pursuit, creativity or singing for the Rowley crew. In fact, the Rowleys have dubbed their home, The Art Growlery, and Brian often says he feels as though he's living in a musical!

Brian and Kelli of Growley Leather

Refinery Original is a design company and educational resource for creative entrepreneurs. We believe in the power of narrative because through narrative unfolds a passion others are waiting to hear. We empower and educate creative entrepreneurs to harness that power, refine their message and deliver a compelling truth – their story.

With being a family of 7, there is constant noise but that noise is defined by laughter, play and joy and we wouldn't have it any other way. Family comes first. Always, save one -- Jesus. He will always come first because without him, we'd be wandering aimlessly. We are a family that serves others. We believe that joy is contagious, that kindness is of utmost importance and a heart of gratitude is to be guarded. We persevere. We view life as an adventure to be had. Always have. Always will.

James and Erica Clayton

good. true. beautiful.


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