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“Go then and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

~ Matthew 28.19-20


What is

“The journey homewards. Coming home. That's what it's all about. The journey to the coming of the Kingdom. That's probably the chief difference between the Christian and the secular artist--the purpose of the work, be it story or music or painting, is to further the coming of the kingdom, to make us aware of our status as children of God, and to turn our feet toward home.”

~ Madeleine L’Engle

Many steps of the cultivating practices here are internal. They are personal, private and individual. Reading. Seeing. Listening. Tasting. Practicing. Praying. We do these alone or in small clusters. But like cultivating a garden where so much of the effort is unseen but the outcome is made to be seen, all spiritual disciplines lead from the individual heart to the soul of community. The Gospel of Christ was never meant to kept to oneself. It has always been meant to be taken out into the world – the beautiful, dangerous, hungry world – to be shared at whatever cost. We begin in private, but we are called to end in public. We create and cultivate in our hearts and homes first, but in time we are called to leave our safe havens and take our treasure out into the open ways. Going is the step of faith that is the expression of the maturing believer’s life cycle as artists, and as human beings. We take the treasure held in our jars of clay and we enter the paths to which we were called before the world was made to meet those for whom that treasure is meant to be shared. That is the art of the Lord at work.

event recommendations

Oxbridge 2020 
Oxford, England

Join us in the summer of 2020 amid the “dreaming spires” of Oxford, as we explore Surprised by Love: Cultivating Intellectual Hospitality in an Age of Discord with renowned scholars from the arts and sciences, leaders in ministry and the major professions, and an array of literary, visual, and performing artists. This is an absolutely fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime experience and truly not to be missed!

Our attendees come from a wide array of backgrounds, experience, ages, and denominations. The conference is for anyone interested in the theme, whether they be laypersons, professors, business persons, clergy, students, or teachers. What we hold in common is a love of faith, learning, fellowship, and the arts (and quite often, a love of the works of Lewis, Tolkien, and related writers and artists; though a knowledge of Lewis and the Inklings is definitely not required!).

oxbridge 2020

imagination redeemed 2020

We love the great stories from our books and movies. Why don’t we encounter God with the same air of wonder?

Imagination Redeemed is a gathering of people who long for God’s mysteries to be illuminated more clearly on the stage of our world; to find His handiwork everywhere; and to see His people filled with the kind of stories, songs, and ideas that awaken them to their parts in the Great Drama.

In this, its fourth year, our two-day conference will delve into the most beloved works of literature, music, film, and other art forms—from Narnia to Asgard, from the Beatles to Beethoven—and equip us with the lost tools to bring their magic into our daily faith. Come join us and be enchanted again! 

Imagination Redeemed 2020


Join Square Halo May 1–2, 2020 for a conference inspired by the robust fellowship of the Inklings. Our time together will reflect on their creativity, collaboration, and community, while also providing creative and collaborative experiences throughout the event. This conference will feature, among others, Donald Williams, Matthew Dickerson, Christie Purifoy, and Shawn Smucker. Friday night and Saturday will include various lectures on the Inklings, an acting workshop, a writing workshop, and a pop-up printmaking studio, and ending with a concert by Andrew Peterson.

The conference will be held at 37 N. Market Street, Lancaster, PA. Tickets are $175 each but on sale for $150 until January 2020. To order tickets or to learn more, visit the link below.

Square Halo Conference

Call for ART
The Square Halo Gallery is inviting artists to participate in an exhibit of works on paper about individual members of the Inklings or about their literary works/characters. The deadline for submissions is April 2020 and the mailing address is 125 North Pine Street, Lancaster, PA 17603.

Works may be in any medium, on any type of paper (between 5x7 and 18x24 inches), and should be sent unframed. Works submitted will be available for sale while on display, and a purchase award will be given to the Best in Show. The show will run from May–June 2020 and will be spotlighted during the Inklings Conference. Works submitted for the exhibition will be returned to the artists if prepaid, self-addressed packaging is included when the art is submitted. 



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