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Welcome to the online home for The Cultivating Project (TCP) and the work we do together. We have often referred to the difference between Cultivating and The Cultivating Project as Cultivating (publication) is the Pilgrim’s Inn for our readers, and TCP the fellowship who make up its ‘Innkeepers’.

In keeping with that image, let us offer you “tour of the Inn”.

Home the best starting point for finding your way through the Inn. It is the common room of the Inn, so to speak. You’ll find an easy to read and follow menu bar that will take you to the different rooms in the Inn. 

As you scroll down the Home page, you will find our most recent published releases from our authors in a variety of categories, a quick link to all our extensive journal archives, kind words for Cultivating, and lovely access to our Shoppe which gives you direct links to purchase our fellowship member's current books and artisan goods, and you will also find a link to download our most recent eBook. 

There is a wealth of content here for you to enjoy. Take your time and explore this Pilgrim’s Inn as much as you would like. 

It is made for you.

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A Field Guide to Cultivating ~ Essentials to Cultivating a Whole Life, Rooted in Christ, and Flourishing in Fellowship

Enjoy our gift to you as our Welcome to Cultivating! Discover the purpose of The Cultivating Project, and how you might find a "What, you too?" experience here with this fellowship of makers!

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