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Lancia E. Smith is an author, photographer, teacher, and business owner. A grateful lover of the Triune God, Lancia is passionate about the disciple making. In addition to her work with Cultivating and The Cultivating Project, Lancia is a board member and patron of the Anselm Society, and Regional Representative of the C.S. Lewis Foundation. She is President and CEO of a thriving environmental construction firm based in northern Colorado which she runs with her husband Peter. They are parents to seven children, and are grandparents to a beloved flock of grandchildren. Lancia loves strong coffee and cinnamon, writing, website design, David Austin roses, and nearly every book she ever read by C.S. Lewis, J.R. R. Tolkien, and George MacDonald.

Founder of Cultivating and The Cultivating Project

Lancia E. Smith


Pahtyana Moore and her family make their home in Eastern Africa, where she is the Senior Editor for Moore Four Ministries - a ministry committed to equipping and mobilizing the Kenyan Church in discipleship and community engagement. She also lends her talents and expertise in editing, writing and design to Print for Africa- a Kenyan-based publishing house and serves as an International Corespondent to The Cultivating Project. She enjoys blogging about the complicated art of living life and making home abroad. You can find her most days writing or editing between boisterous bouts of scurrying monkeys out of her kitchen.

Pahtyana Moore


Brian Brown is the founder and director of the Anselm Society, whose mission is a renaissance of the Christian imagination. He also serves as Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Brian lives with his wife Christina and their two children in Colorado, where they mix cocktails, hunt for historic architecture, and see how many people they can squeeze into their house for scintillating conversation.

Brian Brown

Poet, priest, Chaplain of Girton College Cambridge, and academic, Dr Rev’d Malcolm Guite travels extensively throughout Great Britain and North America, to give lectures, concerts and poetry readings. He is the author of nine books, and fronts the Cambridge
rock band, Mystery Train.

Malcom Guite


Amy Baik Lee writes from a desk looking out on a cottage garden, usually surrounded by children’s drawings, teacups, and stacks of patient books. She is a former scholar of medieval and Renaissance literature at the University of Virginia, a sometime author of devotional short stories, and a current member artist of the Anselm Society. Ever seeking to “press on to [her] true country and to help others to do the same” (C.S. Lewis), she posts essays and stories about Homeward longing at Sun Steeped Days. 

Amy Baik Lee


Matthew Clark is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller from Mississippi where he lives with his brother Sam, a ceramic artist. Each Fall he sets out in his homemade tiny-house-on-wheels named Vandalf the White to play concerts in churches and homes all over the country. Matthew is a lover of words, music, coffee, and conversations. Currently (and slowly) he is studying the interlacing of Theology and the Imagination at Fuller Seminary, while writing new songs for his next recording project. Matthew has several albums available at his website (www.matthewclark.net), including a Bible walk-through sequence called “Bright Came the World from His Mouth”, and a collection of songs celebrating God’s presence in the ordinary called “Beautiful Secret Life”.

Matthew Clark


K.C. Ireton is the author of The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year and Cracking Up: A Postpartum Faith Crisis. An avid reader, she is especially fond of old books and home-schools her four children so that she can spend her days reading and learning all sorts of interesting things. K.C. is pleased as punch to be writing for The Cultivating Project!

Kimberlee Conway Ireton


Ashlee Cowles is the author of Beneath Wandering Stars and Below Northern Lights. She writes about motherhood as creative magic at The Most Creative Thing

Ashlee Cowles


As a sequin-wearing, homeschooling mother of four, Kris is passionate about Jesus, people and words. Her heart beats to share the hard, but glorious truth about life in Christ. She's been known to take gratuitous pictures of her culinary creations, causing mouths to water all across Instagram. Once upon a time, she ran 10 miles for Compassion International, a ministry for which she serves as an advocate. Kris is the author of, Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting and Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement, and the follow up, Companion Workbook. She has contributed to numerous other books, is the host of Refine {the retreat} and the founder and Executive editor of GraceTable.org. In her free time, she writes at kriscamealy.com.

Kris Camealy


Jon Collin McMinn is a web designer & digital marketer who has been part of The Cultivating Project since 2013. Jon Collin is the founder of Click Engine, a digital marketing agency that takes the headache out of marketing your business online. His drive is to share the joy that Christ has given him with the world.
A Colorado native, Jon Collin currently resides in Kansas City, MO with his wife Sarah and their 2 dogs. When he isn't behind a computer, you can find Jon Collin drinking coffee, exploring the city, or tending to his garden.

Jon Collin McMinn

Adam Bradley is the founder and producer at SPIRATION, a Denver based media production company. His passion for creativity and filmmaking begin in 2001 while attending Azusa Pacific University. The heart of SPIRATION is about producing digital media with a clear and inspirational message. In between the moments when Adam does not have a camera or script in hand, you can find him spending time with his wife and 3 kids somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Adam Bradley


Sadie Miller is a young writer finishing high school. She is a proud homeschooler and the oldest daughter of five children. Hanging out with family and friends, playing sports, and writing are some of her favorite pastimes. She is also the co-creator of a small writing group in her area. Her goal is to reach others with the love of Christ through her writing and her example. 

Sadie Miller

Second-generation homeschooling mom of five wee snickbuzzards, Jordan Durbin is a maker of humble pottery, fine artist, calligrapher, gardener, pickle maker, baker of all things gluten-inclusive and butter-laden, violinist, vocalist, rabbit raiser, wife of one good man, lover of her blessed Redeemer.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in fine art from Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana.  She is an avid coffee drinker, reader and published children’s book author and illustrator.  She aspires to proclaim the resurrection with every moment of her life.

Jordan Durbin

Roy Salmond is a record producer, working out of his studio Whitewater Productions in
Vancouver Canada. He’s also an itinerant worship leader, speaker and writer, penning the
weekly arts and faith blog: Between The Notes. 

Roy Salmond

Sarah Clarkson is a writer and student of theology. Through blogs, books, and her current research, she explores the formative power of story, the intersection of theology and imagination, and the way that beauty brings hope. She writes books (Book Girl, The Lifegiving Home) and studies modern doctrine at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, where she's focusing on theodicy (and why stories may be the best argument we can make for the goodness of God). She chronicles her adventures at sarahclarkson.com and is at slow work on a novel. Celtic music, good coffee, travel adventures, long walks, and of course, good books are the beauties that make her heart sing and she lives them out in the red-doored cottage she shares with her husband, Thomas, and their daughter, Lilian.

Sarah Clarkson

Once upon a time, Matthew Cyr unearthed an ancient-looking early edition of The Hobbit in his elementary school library and has been wandering in Middle Earth ever since. He has a hobbitish appetite and prefers to keep a good book in one hand and good food in the other. On this side of the Shire, he’s spent the past ten years in the field of social work. Matthew is fascinated by the use of story to create experiences that awaken us to powerful, redemptive Truth. Several years ago he took up a quest to own and read every book ever published by C.S. Lewis. He shares his home with his wife and daughter, four cats, and a smallish serpent who has thus far never endorsed the consumption of prohibited produce.

Matthew Cyr

Susan Mulder finds herself on a journey to find peace with herself and in the world. Writing poetry is a way she challenges herself after laying down her previous career/s to pursue God’s path for her future. With a terminal degree in fine art in painting, she has held several positions in what she calls her ‘old life’. Though Mulder continues to paint and exhibit and is the author of a poetry collection, No Ordinary Time, she finds her deepest expression (and joy) in writing and within the eyes of her grandchildren.

Susan Mulder

Julie is a still-life photographer who finds endless beauty in the small, delicate details of nature and everyday life. Self taught and still learning, store bought flowers paired with vintage china pieces are some of her favorite photo subjects. Julie lives in southeastern Wisconsin with her husband David. After more than 30 years together, they are now empty nesters, and still wildly in love. When she’s not taking photos, shopping at antique and thrift stores with her husband, or visiting with her two kids and their loves, she spends time reading, writing, and dabbling in various forms of art. Above all else however, Julie is a lover and follower of Jesus Christ and wants nothing more than for her life to bring God glory.

Julie Jablonski

Mary has cherished life-long literary dreams coupled with a passion for ministry, all of which lead her to study English literature and later theology and counseling in seminary. She has been designing artisan jewelry for eight years while homeschooling son Ian and daughter Julianna. She and her husband Mark Miller have been in ministry for the past thirteen years in San Diego and currently dwell in Washington with their cat Lord Peter Wimsey as Mark finishes his dissertation. Mary enjoys off-the-wall humor, gardening, cooking, and curling up with anything penned by Dorothy Sayers, C.S. Lewis,  Tolkien, or  Jane Austen.

Mary Campbell Miller

Bryana Joy is a writer, poet, and full-time artist fascinated by traditional art forms and the subtle power of literature to speak to us about the human condition and the divine nature. In 2018, she launched the Letters From The Sea Tower, a handmade monthly subscription letter full of watercolor sketches, paintings, and snippets of glory from the Great Books. Bryana spent her childhood in the Middle East and she and her husband are currently preparing to move to York, England for further study. Her poetry has appeared in about a dozen literary magazines including Ruminate, The Boston Literary Magazine and Dappled Things and she is currently compiling material for a second book. Bryana takes delight in Celtic art, thunderstorms, loose-leaf tea, snail mail, green countrysides, and the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Bryana Joy

Lanier Ivester is a homemaker and writer in the beautiful state of Georgia where she maintains a small farm with her husband, Philip, and an ever-expanding menagerie of cats, dogs, sheep, goats, chickens, and peacocks. She keeps a web journal at www.laniersbooks.com and is also the proprietress of an online bookshop specializing in rare and out-of-print titles from a gentler era.

Lanier Ivester

Melody Leeper grew up in Sacramento, California, and is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a background in Human Resources. Since college, she has lived in Virginia,
New Jersey, and Colorado. She and her husband David live in Westminster, Colorado, and have recently become empty nesters. They have 3 children - Katie,
Brandon and Ryan. Melody came to faith at a young age, and has been blessed with beautiful Christian community.  She loves literature, history, art, traveling,  gardening, and editing, and she still asks herself why she got a degree in business. 

Melody Leeper

Bronte Adams is a writer, wanderer, and wordsmith who is rarely found without a coffee in hand and rumored to pack books before clothes when she hits the road. Working in full-time youth ministry left her with a passion for journeying alongside teens as they follow after Christ. Combined with her lifelong love of story, that passion drew her to pursue the art of writing young adult fantasy novels, like The Songkeeper Chronicles, that ring with the echoes of eternity. Her favorite stories feature outcast characters traveling down broken roads, through epic battles, and onward toward adventure. At the end of a long day of typing, she can be found saddling her wild thing and riding off into the sunset, provided she has not already settled down a mug of coffee and a very long book.

Gillian Bronte Adams

Inspired by confectionary art and baking, Janet left a full time medical job in 1999 turning her part-time wedding cake business into a full-time career. Once out of the medical field Janet attended the “Culinary Institute of America” in Hyde Park, N.Y. She studied baking, pastry and advanced decorating through a certificate program taking her pastry knowledge to the next level. Now, making a full circle many years later, Janet is back in the medical field on a more limited basis but continues to use her artistic talents in pastry in her personal life.

Working closely with her husband Doug, AKA Chef, Janet believes “two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil”. Ecclesiastes 4:9 ESV Janet is wife, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law (she drops the in-law part) to all her “best loves” and, most importantly, she is a follower of Christ. 

Janet Allen

Christina is an artist who loves Beauty and the multifaceted ways in which it manifests itself in our lives. Though primarily a writer, it is her dream to pick up her painters brush again someday and attempt to partially capture, through life's fleeting snapshots, the sublimity and goodness of our God. Christina lives at the foothills of the Rocky mountains in Colorado with her two beautiful children and gracious husband, and will not be found at any time of day without something delicious to drink. Her favorites include cappuccinos, iced tea, sparkling water, and her husband's lovingly crafted cocktails.

Christina Brown

Adam is a vagabond of the arts. He is an animator by training, a media specialist by vocation, a church arts project coordinator by choice and a writer by hobby. Though he “still hasn’t found what he’s looking for”, in his wandering through the arts he has found the firm conviction that God has been writing His story through our stories since the beginning, and He’s not done yet. Adam is also a contributor to the ministry “God Thru the Arts” and is slowly working at his own passion project “The Witness Cloud” – which explores the stories of those listed in Hebrews 11, and seeks to find the “True Myths” that also point to God through the human journey using the arts. Adam and his wife Sarah have 3 children and live in Northern Colorado. His artistic interests range from G.K. Chesterton to Looney Tunes.

Adam R. Nettesheim

Christie Purifoy is a writer and gardener who lives with her husband and four children at Maplehurst, a Victorian farmhouse in southeastern Pennsylvania. She holds a PhD in English literature from the University of Chicago and is the author of two books, Roots and Sky (Revel, 2016) and Placemaker (Zondervan, 2019).

Connect with her and discover more about life at Maplehurst on Instagram and each week on the Out of the Ordinary podcast.

Christie Purifoy

Teressa Mahoney is a singer/songwriter, photographer, graphic designer and soap maker in Colorado. On most summer Sunday evenings, you’ll find her on her front porch, singing to a gaggle of family, neighbors and friends while they merrily throw corn hole bags and eat and drink interesting things. Her albums Beyond (2019) and Made New (2017) can be found on all major music platforms as well as her website, teressamahoney.com. You’ll find her #gratuitiousbeauty photography on Instagram.

Teressa Mahoney

Athena lives and writes in Colorado Springs, where she can look up at the mountains and be reminded of the nearness of God. Hiking, reading, and spending time with her family are her passions. She and her husband, Jon, are actively involved in the Anselm Society, and they also run a ministry for blended families at their church. Whether through fiction, nonfiction or poetry, Athena loves to use words to paint portraits that display the work that God does within each person.

Athena Williams

Denise Stair Armstrong was born and raised in Jamaica, where she received her formal education in the capital city, Kingston, at Shortwood Teachers' College and the University of the West Indies, specializing in English Language Theory & Literatures in English. The remainder of her education was gained through homeschooling and parenting her three wonderful children, Joseph, Charis and Timothy, along with her husband Claude. A perpetual learner, she pursues knowledge of truth through biblical studies, enjoying reading, writing, gardening, scenic road trips, theatre, and ballroom dancing with Claude.

Denise Armstrong

good. true. beautiful.


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